The Company

E-HSING CORPORATION is a great addition to the growing and competitive world of distribution and services of construction materials in the Philippines since 1996.

The company is deeply involved in promoting ever new high quality product for the growing line in construction. Operating under a 2-storey building of 420 sqm. as our main office in Aurora Blvd, Pasay City, and a warehouse of 2,900 sqm warehouse in Gen Trias, Cavite City. We manage our company in the steadfast productive way. With unity from the manufacturing firm operating in Taiwan for more than a decade and under a simple and straight belief in hard worked and with huge resources placed in the management, E-Hsing is persistent to offer and maintain quality products to be shared to the market.

E-HSING has both won a great share of market and nationwide renowned reputation, “QUALITY IS OUR GLORY!”            

GLORY FORTUNE CO., LTD. (Manufacturer of CASTLE Product) A manufacturing company expertise in the production of various coating materials was established in 1980. In year 1993, we have bought our line of business and tied up with Japan Company, a manufacturer expertise in the production of high quality chemical solution. Inheriting Japan’s technology including Taiwan’s modern & automatic equipment with highest working environment, Castle Waterproof Coating surpasses other companies in playing a lead of role in the waterproofing market. Castle is a product using advance technology of high-tech cement chemicals. The chemical provides a better quality to cement and stone when applied.

The product had been used in Japan for more than a decade, & countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, China & Philippines. The product is very effective, and is now highly recommended by industrial, architectural, government sectors and local consumers as well. We believe that this new product has a multi-high quality performance at the most competitive price. 

Bonding agents for plaster and concrete were unheard of in the early 1950s, when Herbert Larsen, inventor, entrepreneur, and salesman, launched his company with a brand new category of building products. Heeding the demand from plasterers for a substance that would allow plastering over flat slab concrete construction, metal and even painted surfaces, Larsen produced a product that would give birth to modern bonding agents—Plaster-Weld®. Larsen’s new bonding agent was an instant success with the trade, but Larsen wasn’t finished. On the heels of Plaster-Weld®, Larsen saw an opportunity to expand his product line and meet a need for a stronger bonding agent for concrete. Weld-Crete® was introduced just six month after Plaster-Weld® in 1952. In less than two years, Herbert Larsen had created a new building products category and launched two flagship products that would carry his company well into the future.

Over the past 50 years, Herbert Larsen’s original patented products have been reformulated to reflect advances in modern chemical science, but the commitment of his company, under the guidance of the Larsen family, to produce reliable products remained constant. Our reputation within the building trade has made Larsen the choice of quality-conscious construction professionals nationwide.

Larsen Plaster - Weld is patented 63 years, a proven formula for bonding cementitious mortar to any structurally sound surface. It is the only bonding that can withstand movements and bending of building structure. It can help builders save substantial cost as to pre-mixed polymer cement adhesive. It is much more costly yet less effective causing high defect cost of delamination.

The product has been specified by major architects, engineers and construction companies throughout the world since 1952.