Castle PME-131 (SiO2)

The Necessity Of Building Waterproofing Treatment

Good selection of construction waterproofing materials directly affected the life span of the building. Waterproofing job is one of the most important factor for concrete and masonry works. A good contruction waterproofing technique not only guarantees building structure not to be damaged by water leak but also protect the interior space of the building.

Features and Benefits

Strong Hydrophobic Ability

Increases the compressive strength of OPC

Prevent concrete leaching or effloresence

Retart Alkali Silica Reactive Gel (ASRG) formation

Prevent concrete cancer

Regulates hydration process thus prevent concrete cracks

Increase cement workability and saves time

Increase bonding strength with existing concrete

No need to use concrete sealer for painting jobs


Non-toxic and Non-flammable


5-6 sqm @ 1.5 cm.thickness


Use OPM (Ordinary Portland Cement). Prohibit use of composite cement. Do not add other addictive such as thickening powder, lime paste and mortal wang.


Indefinite in absolute low moisture condition.

Suitable For

Exterior And Interior Wall Plastering

Concrete Topping


Mortar Setting For Stone Work

Tile Setting

Mow to Mix

PME-131 (0.8KG.) + Cement 40KG + 120 KG. Sand + 24-30 KG. Water + Mixing Tools (Stir for 10 Minutes)