Castle PME-202 (Pail)

CASTLE PME-995 clogs micro pores of concrete surfaces. Has strong cementing power to concrete with high-solid content. It saves your time. PME-901 is non-toxic and non-flammable. Can be use to all concrete surfaces.


Designed to solve problems of porosity on all concrete/stone.

Excellent base coat clogs all micro pores.

Excellent adhesion to Acryllic Paint (topcoat).

Bonds with concrete surface, penetrates up to 4mm-5mm depth with water repellant properties.

As Mortar Intensifier, guaranteed to stop water even under pressure, for interior, exterior, above and below grade concrete surfaces.

Standard Formula:

PME-995 = 4 liters or 4 kgs / 12.5 %

WATER = 1.6 liters or 1.6 kgs / 5 %

CEMENT = 6.8 kgs / 21.25 %

SAND = 19.6 kgs / 61.25 %

Area of Coverage

4 kgs/4 liters = 24 m²(267 f²) 
                    to 26 m²(289 f²)

10kgs/10 liters = 60 m²(667 f²) 
                      to 65 m²(722 f²)


As Concrete Sealer

Natural Stone (porous) such as: Adobe, Slate, Brick

Concrete or Mansonry Designs

Artificial Stone or Engineered Stone

As Mortar Intensifier

Thickness can be from 1" to 2" according to the requirement.

Could be the patched to any kinds of Concrete joints.

Can be use as plastering of concrete surface approxiamately 1 cm above.

Application Procedure

Clean and dry surface completely before applying.

Can be applied using either brush or roller.

Apply 1 to 2 coats or more of PME-995 (application depends on the porosity of the concrete)

Let it dry for 1hr. (direct sunlight) before applying Skim Coat/Latex Paint.



Opened & stored in Original Container - 36 MONTHS