Castle PME-202 (Top Coat) Multi-co polymerized resin + nano silica

Castle PME-202 is 100%waterproof. It has excellent flexibility and strong cementing power with high-solid content that saves your time. It is also alkaline resistance, non-toxic and non-flammable. Can be used in all surfaces that needs to be waterproof.

Features and Benefits

100% Waterproof

Excellent Flexibility

Strong Cementing Power to Concrete

High-Solid Content Saves You Time

Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable

Alkali Resistance


20 Kg / 1 Pail = 20 - 30 SQM

4 Kg / 1 Gal. = 4 - 6 SQM

2 to 3 Coats at Film Thickness of 1.0 mm to 1.2 mm


Opened and stored in original container - 36 months

Sealed - Indefinite

Suitable For

G.I. Roofing and Gutters

Concrete Firewalls and Basement

Concrete Roof Decks

Toilet and Bath


Swimming Pools and Fish Ponds

Overhead Water Tanks (Aluminum and Steel)

Concrete and Metal Cistern Tanks

Sewerage Lines and Pipes

Wood and Aluminum Panels

Fiber Glass and Plant Boxes

Application Procedure

PME-202 (Multi-High Quality Waterproofing) Can also mix with acryl paint for desired color (Minimal amount only)


1 gallon / 1 pail PME-202 add amount of water enough to make a mixture, stir throughly. Repeat as needed. Apply by brush or roller.
 For Concrete Surface: Apply PME 901 (Primer) first before applying PME 202 (Top Coat)


Area Description

Coverage / Gallon




6 sqm.

2 coats

by roller or brush

Comfort Room

5 to 6 sqm.

2 coats

by paint brush


3 to 4 sqm.

2-3 coats

by paint brush

Swimming Pool

2 to 3 sqm.

3-4 coats

by paint brush

Roofdeck with Topping

5 to 6 sqm.

2 coats

by paint brush


Clean the area to be waterproof. Removed all traces of water, dirt, protruding materials, and other contaminants.

Areas to receive waterproofing should be dried prior to priming.

Application of PME 901 (primer, for concrete application only) as primer, by paint brush or roller brush. Drying time would take 30-40mins., depending on the condition of the surface before applying the 1st coat of PME 202 (waterproofing film).

Application of PME 202 waterproofing film by paint or roller brush. 40mins-1hr.
drying time before applying the 2nd coat of PME 202.

Application PME202 as 2nd coat. (Application of 3rd & 4th coat if necessary or if required).

Flood testing after the application of waterproofing.