Castle PME-901 (Primer)

CASTLE PME-901 clogs micro pores of concrete surfaces. Has strong cementing power to concrete with high-solid content. It saves your time. PME-901 is non-toxic and non-flammable. Can be use to all concrete surfaces.

Features and Benefits

Clogs Micropores of Concrete Surface

Strong Cementing Power to Concrete

High-Solid Content Saves You Time

Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable


1 gallon of PME 901 = 25 - 35 sqm (single coat only)


Opened and stored in original 
container - 36 months

Sealed - Indefinite

Suitable For

All Concrete Surfaces


Clean all brushes, rollers and trays with clean water after every use

Health and Safety

In case of eye splashes or excessive skin contact, thoroughly flush with water.

Application Procedure

PME-901 (Primer, Cement and Mortar Intensifier)

Mixture as Primer

:1 gallon of PME-901 mix w/ 150% of water. Stir throughly. Apply by brush or roller.

Mixture as Mortar Intensifier

: 1kg. (5%) PME 901+ 2.5kg (12.5%) Water + 4kg (21%) Cement +
12kg (61.5%) Standard sand


Clean the area to be waterproof. Removed all traces of water, dirt, protruding materials, and other contaminants.

Areas to receive waterproofing should be dried prior to priming.

Application of PME 901(primer, for concrete application only) as primer, by paint brush or roller brush. Drying time would take 30-40mins., depending on the condition of the surface before applying the 1st coat of PME 202(waterproofing film).

Flood testing after the application of waterproofing.