Plaster - Weld (Concrete Bonding Agent)

The original chemical concrete bonding agent incorporates polyvinyl acetate homopolymer in a patented formulation. For exterior and interior use. Weld-Crete will bond new concrete, portland cement plaster, and cementitious mixes to structurally sound concrete floors, walls, columns, beams, steps and ramps.

It can be "painted on" in a single application 1 to 10 days prior to concrete placement.

Use Weld-crete's open time to your advantage in bonding to concrete shear walls, where you need a time-lapse between application of bonding agent, placement of reinforcing steel, placement of formwork and placement of concrete.

Weld-Crete is also used for bonding setting beds ceramic tile and for bonding portland cement plaster and stucco mixes; and to bond to such surfaces as brick, block, tile, marble, metal, glass block, soundly adhered paint (non-soluble in water), and silicone.

Coverage: 200 to 300 sq. ft./gallon, approximately, depending upon method of application, temperatures, prosity and texture of substrate.

Packaging: 5 gal. (pail) / and 1 gallon.

Color: Blue (non-bleeding).


Test Method & Result (Data obtained from tests conducted periodically by leading independent laboratories. Test Report are available on request.)

Tensile Bond Strength
ASTM C-932
for Paster-Weld, average 485 psi. after 28 days

Flexural Bond Strength
ASTM C-78 (concrete beams laminated with bonding agent) 603 psi.

Shear Bond Strength
ASTM C-1042 (slant shear cylinder test). 740 psi.Avg. 14 days.

Temperature Range
ASTM C-932 (Plaster-Weld) Specimens brought to 145° F, no bond failure.

Freeze-thaw Stability 
5 cycles freeze (-10°F & thaw), Freeze-thaw stable.

Enclosed mice exposed to 30 cc volatilized bonding agent for 1hr. Non-toxic, no ill effects after 7 days.

Fire Resistance
ASTM E-110 (bonded assembly). Passed 2 hr. Fire Test 1800°F and 1 hour Hose Stream Test.

Lab. test for fire resistance. Non-flammable; meets MIL-B-19235C

Acid Resistance
1" concrete slabs bonded to 1/2" gypsum plaster subjected to seepage of strong detergents & synthetic urine for 10 hrs a day. No Bond failure after 25 consecutive days. Also unaffected by alkalinity of cement.

Life Expectancy
Lab. test & field proven. Non-deteriorating bond; retains strength & flexibility.